Lotta love in this thread for what I see as really expensive weapons. For a different point of view - I personally go cheap and have more guys on the table.

Sure a heavy plasma gun is good. Gang wise, 1 heavy with a heavy plasma is about the same cost as two heavies with a Heavy Stubber each. That's about 4 tooled up gangers that can earn you income. I'd rather have those gangers between games to keep the income rolling in.

In that vein I'd argue the additional cost of a missile launcher over a grenade launcher is a lot about range; range on a necro board - for me I never see it - too much terrain. Sure frag missiles are +1 str to frag granades - but is that worth a tooled up ganger?

That's my play style though. I firebase up and hose down the other gang. Pin some, and focus on killing others. For those that love fire and manoeuvre flammer and plasma guns rock. I hate them both