Earlier, new information came out for the 7th ed tau codex. According the information from a leaked white dwarf article, the new codex will be updated from its previous one, with the new units, rules, and history. Also to be included, are the formations from the campaign book. Sounds standard, right, with exception to the formations from Warzone? The community, however, is all up in arms because they think this is implying that nothing is changing. My question is: how big of a change were you guys expecting?

Just real quick on tau: they don't need big changes. A few tweaks here and there, but no overhauling. They were pretty good in 6th , and they're still good in this edition. Supporting fire, interceptor, and the signature systems gave the boost that tau really needed. There should be some changes, yes, but nothing gigantic (we got that with Craftworld Eldar, thank you very much, in which I think should go back to what they were rule wise). Other than that, they're fine. Let it go.

Isn't this what codex updates are suppose to be, updating some of the current rules and adding new ones? SM, if you look at it, didn't get many updates, other than new squads and squadrons for previous units, and weapons (and let's not forget the formations). Other than that and tweaking some rules, nothing huge changed. It was more adding on than actually changing. If you completely change the core rules to SM, then they're not the Marines I, or anyone else, remember.

Now, I understand there are armies that definitely need a lot of changes like Chaos (CSM and CD) sisters, DE, Nids (needs many improvements), and Craftworld Eldar (needs several nut shots to their rules). So I hear you guys, on those examples, but if the army is already good from get-go, what huge/many changes must be made to make the army any better? In conclusion, based on my opinion, if the army is not finding much success, even for the veteran players, make the big/many changes, but the army is doing well and doesn't have much in complications, make minor changes, and if the army is Craftworld Eldar, then you better be prepared to run because you'll burn at the stake for heresy and treason, witch. There you have it. Do you guys agree? Disagree? What's your take?

P.S. Yes I was knocking on Eldar. They're not my favorite army right now (and I'm sure I'm not alone on this). If you're offended by this, please leave this thread.