With anticipation, Tau is looking to be a fairly decent release. New fire warriors, commander, and a LoW? Plenty of reason to be excited for the new release. Looking ahead, however, is a bit hazy.

With the Skarbrand release, it really makes me wonder as to what is coming: CSM or more AoS. It's really hard to say because the rumors coming out both sound fairly convincing, although I'm taking a wait and see approach with CSM. I wouldn't be surprised, or mind for that matter, to see AoS Maybe this can lead up to another CSM release if they put out more Chaos models and warscrolls.

Now, the deal with HH. Everyone has seen the pictures, so I would imagine it'll be anytime now. The bigger question is what else will be released along with the older armor? All I can say is don't expect any warhounds or decked out land raiders like the Spartan to come out with as part of this release. I will say this, it would be awesome to see the imperial army (solar auxilla, is that how you spell it) come out with this release. Either way, I think GW could on the brink of their biggest and, possibly, most successful release yet. Until then, I can't say when it's coming.

Well I'm signing off for now. Let us know what you think could be coming. There's 3 things for sure, but let it be anything.