First of all, if you like AoS please don't feel the need to post here to defend it, this is NOT an attack on you personally

To anyone else, I have been involved in a fairly interesting discussion in the background forum about the quality (or lack thereof) of the AoS fluff. I have not played a game of AoS, I don't comment on the quality of the game as it does not interest me in any way, shape or form.

I was, though, interested in the background to the Mortal Realms. I have been pretty disgusted with the terrible writing which I have seen so far (before anyone asks, I have not read every single publication from GW on this, though I have read a fair amount). So, in keeping with GWs new fetish for deeply unimaginative compound names, I thought it would be fun to see what the community could come up with.

To play 9.5 Thesaurushammer you need 2D6 and a web browser open on First pick one of the mortal plains, then choose a related word. So for example I chose Aqshy, key word lava (off the top of my head) and castle. Roll the d6 to randomise for table column, then again for the row of the table. So in my example I got 2,1 giving the word Slag, then 3,3 for Palace.

Say hello to the capital fortress of Aqshy, the Slagpalace! Obviously some come up pretty boring so I haven't posted those, but I think a couple of other good ones are:

- Campfire Fort
- Holocaust Manor
- Conflagration Bluff

I'm working on an advanced ruleset involving AdjectiveNoun Noun combinations such as Chillyheap Butte where I was playing around with a cold theme.

Anyway, I just thought I'd add one more alternate ruleset into the pile which is out there at the moment. It's probably about as rewarding to play as AoS (kidding!).