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    Re: Age of Sigmar at Comic con UK

    If the AoS releases so far have been "the tip of the iceberg", then I can only assume that tip is placed firmly against the WFB gaming community's collective anus and the "more to come" includes higher prices, audio rulebooks in the sing along format and backpack add-ons for sigmarines. Unimaginably for GW, the gaming community left rather than be buggered and here we are. Sales reps don't know anything about the future of AoS because that's how the company works. In the face of adversity they can only fall back on excuses such as "wait, you haven't seen the whole thing, it'll be grand!". Much in the spirit of "oversell/underdeliver", this is targeted at the few gullile people who think that the unpalatable AoS combination of terrible rules, apalling fluff and ridiculous prices can be salvaged by initiatives such as repacking old lizardmen with new bases and throwing in a scenario book.

    Even if the "more to come" statement is true, for me it's basically coming from someone who broke into my home, vandalized my hobby cabinet and smeared poop over all my WFB books. The only reason these promises don't scare me as much as they would have several months ago is that I've no more hobby for this guy to ruin.
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