I have spent this weekend reading the 9th Age rules from start to finish and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. I haven't played a game with them yet, but I am certain they are going to be a brilliant evolution of 8th ed Warhammer.

Seriously, if:
- you love Warhmmer;
- have some armies you haven't played with in a while; and
- you haven't already been here to download the rules and army books, you should absolutely do so now. Seriously, don't wait... clicky clicky.

Right, now we're all on the same page, I thought this might be a good place to begin the revival of the Warhammer we all know and love. I think there is a massive amount to get our teeth into, with some subtle but important core rule changes as well as huge developments and balances in the books. I'm not going to go too much into my armies, but I have a couple of thoughts on the big news:


The obvious one. Multiple low level wizards now viable (maybe even optimal?). I've noticed level 3s also tend to be significantly cheaper than a level 4 now as well, so a level 3 and 2 combo could be a nice way to spread your access to some different magic lores. Talking of which there is probably an entire thread to devote to the new lores... will need to save that for another day. General toning down of power in exchange for a bit more predictability. Really nice changes.

Core rules

No more double flee shenanigans (yes, we all did it, but it was pretty gamey). Cleared up all the nonsense around uncompleteable charges. Clearer special rules, I especially like Holy Attacks (forces re-roll of ward saves). They've made Fear useful but not OP, taken it away from RnF undead now but made unstable better. My TK now have the ability to march like vampires!

New weapon rules for spears (fantastic), combined profiles for ridden monsters also look very interesting... open up some new lord builds for sure. ASF changes also look interesting, much more streamlined without all the re-rolls. Nice changes to cannons to make them less accurate, might be a bit too much with a reduction in damage but I'd much prefer them to be UP than OP.

Streamlining all the various multiple shot warmachines to use a single 'volley gun' rule - God this was long overdue. Tidying up of special rules in general has been done really well. Oh, and I nearly forgot the new deployment tactics - going to take some thinking on that one as well!

Overall conclusion

A really incredible piece of work and easily the best fan version of Warhammer I've read in the last 3 months. I hadn't really given this much thought until the 0.9 beta came out a couple of days ago and I have been blown away with the quality. Yes, the dorky renaming conventions are annoying, but if that's what they've been told to do to protect themselves then fair play. I really think that this version makes a huge range of different units viable, I can see proper combined arms becoming a thing again. I've signed up to a 60+ person 9th age tournament in February, so going to have to get some major practice in before then!

Question is - what army do I take??? Just too much choice at the moment.

Anyway - would love to hear other thoughts from anyone who's read/played the ruleset.