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Thread: The Hive will rise! (Ratskins)

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    The Hive will rise! (Ratskins)

    looks like a Necromunda campaign is starting at my local club and necro is my second favourite game so definitely dug out a gang to play!

    i tried my go-to gang, Delaques with a new layout (i usually run a pair of flamers); a grenade launcher and missile launcher!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    and in a test game the missile launcher decimated a rival gang!
    so, naturally, i tried two!
    and my inability to roll any 4+ lost me three games so i dug out my old ratskin gang!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    it's worth noting we're running Necromunda v1 as the Underhie rewrite was a bit half-arsed!

    a few lesson learnt from last time; blindsnake pouches and Muskets aren't terribly useful; the "move-or-fire" is far too restrictive and thus i had a slight retweak!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Falling-Brick Chief (120) blindsnake (20) stubgun (20) dumdum (15) sword (15) 190
    Wet-Rat Shaman (120) stubgun (20) dumdum (15) 155
    Blowing-Fan Ratskin (60) lasgun (25) 85
    Leaking-Pipe Ratskin (60) lasgun (25) 85
    Whispering-Fan Ratskin (60) lasgun (25) 85
    Stalking-Spider Ratskin (60) blindsnake (20) stubgun (20) 100
    Flooding-Oil Ratskin (60) shotgun (20) 80
    Dripping-Pipe Ratskin (60) shotgun (20) 80
    Brave (35) stubgun (10) 45
    Brave (35) stubgun (10) 45
    Brave (35) autopistol (15) 50

    the Chief is converted from the Ratcaller (a Warhammer Monthly character) and the Shaman from Gripping Beasts' Skraeling (not that i can find 'em on their site!) as is the combat-weapon armed ratskin; he was a test to see if i could convert a Ratskin; i think he works well

    hoping to get a game in this Sunday and will keep you updated as the Redfist tribe scalp some sump-dwellers!
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