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Thread: Gantry Room Rules?

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    Gantry Room Rules?

    Are there any special rules for this room?

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    Re: Gantry Room Rules?

    Quote Originally Posted by Detonateer View Post
    Are there any special rules for this room?
    Yes, but best to look for the scenario on line. I remember that models can't cut corners diagonally, and you can't flame the whole room with one flamer hit (can't remember the details about that one).

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    Re: Gantry Room Rules?

    I found one more rule, that says, that flamer hits will be removed in the beginning of the Stealer phase. Is there any rule, about the possibility to fall down the shaft?

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    Re: Gantry Room Rules?

    I would play the pitfall rule,there is a 1 in 6 chance in Terminator armour you will trip and fall.

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    Re: Gantry Room Rules?

    That was my first idea, too. BUT, as the way through that room forces you to roll the dice 6 times, the chance to fall is too high. Maybe it would make sense, to roll the dice, when the model survived an attack?

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    Re: Gantry Room Rules?

    That tile, and the rules, were part of the Duty & Honour Campaign in WD 201:

    Quote Originally Posted by White Dwarf 201
    At the end of any close combat fought in the Gantry Room, the remaining model (or both in the case of a draw) rolls a D6. On a roll of 1, the model has lost its footing and plummets to its death! A model cannot move diagonally across the corners of the Gantry Room.

    The Genestealer entry point in the Gantry Room is the square directly opposite the gantry square that sticks out over the drop.

    If a Space Marine is in the Gantry Room at the start of the Genestealer turn, the Genestealer reinfocements must lurk for 1 turn. Any blip enering play must be converted and the Genestealers must enter at the entry point, one at a time. Any models from the same blip that cannot enter in the same turn are lost.

    All flamer counters* on the gantry square are removed at the end of the Space Marine turn, even if there are two or more counters on one square. There is nothing to keep the fire burning.

    A model in a doorway cannot see the corner squares at that end of the room.
    (Text copyright Games Workshop 1996)

    *Note: flamers worked differently in 2nd edition, with multiple tokens covering individual squares, instead of one token covering a room)

    The Duty & Honour campaign is one of the Ipad missions you can get, but they removed the gantry tile, and thus the rules, since it's not in the 3rd/4th edition SH set. (So I think reproducing it here classifies as `fair use', since GW obviously is no longer making money off it).
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    Re: Gantry Room Rules?

    Great Itsacon. That is, what i was looking for

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