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    Celestant Prime

    So i had a theory about the identity of the Celestant Prime.

    Its seems pretty out there but bare with me.

    Could it be Archaon AKA Diedrik Kastner
    (Brace for cry of outrage)
    Hear me out. here are a number of reasons why i think it could be the case.

    - Firstly if you read the description of the Celestant prime it mentions him being a great king and guardian of men etc.
    Well Diedriek was all of these things at one point or another.
    as templar of Sigmar and the Three Eyed KING (never says CP was a nice king)

    - Secondly the Archaon was a title taken up by Diedrick. Whats to stop another worthy applicant taking up that name in his place (Kinda like imrik becoming Caledor)

    - next was the conclusion of the end times as we dont see what actually happened to archaon.

    - Sigmar both commented and reflected during the end times that Diedrick would have been a great leader of men and would have basically led the mortal races to victory against chaos had he not been corrupted (Fits the description of CP)

    - Diedrick did have a number of Darth Vader like moments of regret if you read the Archaon novels as he seemed to resent his fate.

    - Also for those of you that have spotted the new Archaon model floating about his appearence seems to have changed. Also he was supposdly tested once again by the Chaos Gods (Why would you need to re test a guy about his ability to destroy worlds when he did such a good job the first time round. unless its a new applicant up for interview for the post of Archaon)

    - there are another couple of other small reasons that could indicate this as a possibiity but the above are the ones worth mentioning.

    So here is what i think could have happened.

    Sigmar and Diedrick are last seen falling into the realm of chaos. The two of them wrestle for a while before becoming seperated. Sigmar meets his dragon friend and starts doing the whole rebuilding the worlds and wakeing up the other incarnates until . . .Whats this? he stumbles onto the battered body of Diedrick who (having completed his job.) was cast away by the Chaos gods (he wasent exactly there most polite servant. considering he justified his ET actions as robbing the Gods of there power).
    Sigmar picks him up and takes him home where he attempts to undo the corruption done to Diedrick and turn him into the potential saviour he might have once been. As archaon was near god like during the endtimes this prooves to be a more difficult project thatn sigmar could handle at that moment so he seals him away until he gains the means to 'complete' him (Ghal Maraz) Dierdrick then arises as the new celestant prime ready to kick ass as the first scion of sigmar (Again diedricks potential to be the greates of sigmars 'Children') but dosent reveal his identity as the other incarnates and survivors of the old world would still be kinda pissed at him.

    And . . .Discuss!
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