As far as I can guess the mindset of GW while creating the abomination that is AoS, it was, in all the time that went into creation: "We will release Fantasy Space Marines, and everybody will go so crazy for them that noone will even notice that there is no further background, no setting, no timeline, no lore, no maps, just stupid surreallistic drawings of places mentioned exactly one time to give an illusion of background. Everybody will be way too obsessed with buying and assembling Fantasy Marines." The Rest of their plan is to rerelease rebased old armies along horrible new "battletomes". Their latest releases have done nothing than to prove this to me. First the Seraphon, which is a joke, and now this "Everchosen - Battletome" which is not only doing nothing to consolidate some Kind of Masters of the Universe-like "lore" (which at least could be achieved via "narrative" ********ting), but actively writes the whole thing further away from any coherence than previous releases. Again there are dozens of new names of people and places without meaning, plus two or more surrealist paintings of Dali on LSD posing as "maps". No, really, apart from this very, very, extremely thin and insufficient "storyline" about Azyr and Sigmarines there is nothing to this setting. There is nothing waiting to be revealed, except more minis that are bigger than action figures and of course: more sigmarines. It is already dead. Because the only idea they invested in this, was an extremely bad one that didn't catch.

Sorry for saying what others have said probaby a million times over and sorry for my bad english. I do not usually say much an boards, but I had to say this because I have given this thing much more chances than it ever deserved. But the contents of their latest "battletome" nailed shut the coffin on WHFB/AoS for me.