I really want to get into 30k, but I am having an extremely difficult time picking a legion. I was hoping the community could help me settle on one. I want a traitor legion, and it has to be fluffy, but that's about all I've decided so far. So, my first instinct was World Eaters because I have a huge World Eaters army for 40k, go with what you know, right? But looking at what forgeworld has available, mark IV shoulder pads and mark II heads, I didn't think they'd go together that well (I bought the boxed game so I'll have a ton of mark IV armour). I like the Angron and Kharn models, not sure how I feel about the other units they have. I've also looked at Emporers Children. I like the fact they have mark IV heads and shoulder pads, and I love the look of the Phoenix terminator and kakophoni units. I'm not sure how I feel about Fulgrim as I think he looks more like a Final Fantasy character than a warhammer one, but if his rules are good then I suppose I don't care that much. I think the Sons of Horus models are sweet, but I don't care for the look of Night Lords. Death Guard and Alpha Legion are out as they aren't really my style.

Now I'm thinking maybe I should pick based on what rules they have available, yet I don't have any of the books. Which of the traitor legions brings interesting rules to the table?

I suppose in summary, between Emporers Children, World Eaters and Sons of Horus, which of the three have should I pick based on keeping them fluffy looking, and have rules that will be fun and fairly competitive? I'm not a power gamer but I don't want to pay for an army that's going to lose a majority of the time. And based on your suggestion, what are some mandatory units I should get?