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Thread: Some questions from a new admiral

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    Some questions from a new admiral

    Hi, I have some questions:

    1: round up or down? Looking at the pleasurefleet list, a csm-crewed ship (i.e: wage of sin) can chose to have only thunderhawks in its launchbays, but, will halve its launch bays strenght. So, if i have 2 st 3 launch bays, do they become 2 st 1 or 2 st 2 bays?

    2: can wage of sin ( in a pleasurefleet) list take the Veil of lust upgrade (it saya ANY ship in the list.)

    3: I forgot the third question...
    EDiT: one in five csm strike crusiers may exchange their launch bays for torpedoes. Do I have to have 5 strike crusiers, or if I only have only one, can it have torpedoes?
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