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    [Discussion/Theories] Life in Azyrheim: Culture, Places, People, Events, ...

    Hello everybody!
    I plan to make a short AoS-adventure for a small group (2-3 people) of "celestial paladins" that live (i.e. start off) in the holy city of "Azyrheim". Since this is a quite new setting with rather sparse background information until now, I would like to use this thread as a place to collect all the (official) information and your own, personal ideas, theories and fan-fiction on the titular topic:

    LIFE IN AZYRHEIM: The holy capital of the celestial realm Azyr, ruled by the God-King from his divine throne in Sigmaron, forge of the mighty Stormcast Eternals.
    Culture: What is life in Azyrheim like? Which set of laws and moral codes do its people abide by?
    Places: What places do exist in Azyrheim, what do they look like and what function do they serve?
    Inhabitants: Who lives in Azyrheim, in what kind of community and with which set of tasks?
    Events / Activities: What are (regular) occurences in Azyrheim? Which activities may its people turn to in their spare time?
    ... [anything else you can think of]

    Official information on Azyrheim seems to be limited to the AoS core book, art-works, the SE's battletome and the first set of novels, which all appear to deal with combat scenarios for the most part (in true Warhammer fashion).

    Roleplaying in the AoS setting seems to be uncharted territory in general (I know of nobody who ever made an attempt at it, anyways), so let us do this as a pioneering effort!

    Judging from GW's official artwork, Azyrheim looks like a flying mega-city, shining bright and shaped like a crescent moon in the celestial void (or: an interstellar space station). In its midst rests the ember core of the World-That-Was. Floating above or orbiting around it is Sigmaron, the globular throne of the God-King and divine forge of the Stormcast Eternals.

    Azyrheim itself looks like a gigantic, sprawling metropolis with various types of architecture (some ancient, some rather modern or even futuristic) but a general focus on the immense size, extraordinary craftmanship and luxurious material of its buildings. Its bright light seems to emanate from the buildings itself (as a contrast to the darkness of the void around it). The lore speaks of 5(?) golden gates that were shut by Sigmar to ward off Chaos. The general symbolism emphasizes celestial motifs (e.g. comets, stars, planets), statues of "man" (ref. 'Golden Humanity' mythos) and mythical creatures (esp. those with a noble connotation, like griffons, lions and dragons). It is populated not only by men, but also by elves/aelfs, dwarfs/duardin and many other creatures, who seem to live and work there in relative harmony.
    Sigmaron is even more mysterious. To my knowledge, we only get a glimpse of a rather empty throne room and the palace of the God-King from far away. The second picture confirms that the entirety of Sigmaron is draped in the bright (bluish) light of lightning and/or pure energy and there are rows of gigantic man-statues (maybe forming walls?).
    Concerning the Stormcast Eternals, we know that they assemble (and reassemble) in large chambers that fill with energy to send them into other realms on bolts of lightning. Also it is mentioned that they have to perform various trials and tests during their mythical "forging" process, all of which have to take place somewhere. Lastly, there have to be realm gates in Azyrheim somewhere, so the SE's can travel from Azyr to other realms.

    Other than that, not much seems to be known. If you know anything else, please tell us !

    Note: As a freethinker and creative person in general, I regularly take liberties in designing my own versions of RP universes (i.e. its setting, timeline, metaphysical laws), in order to make them feel right to my personal sense of aesthetics as much as possible. Personally, I would advise anybody to do the same, because personal preferences should be acknowledged to create a setting that can fulfill all of one's individual RPing desires.

    I envision Age of Sigmar's Azyrheim as the epitome of a perfect super-city with great infrastructure, just laws and a diverse (high-fantasy) populace that coexist peacefully. This civil peace is held together by a strong system of laws and morals that are supervised by Azyrheim's authorities/institutions and guard(ians) which are ultimately accountable to the God-King himself whose "light" (i.e. the orbiting Sigmaron) is a constant reminder of his ever-watchful gace on his people and their actions.
    In this we can find some similarities but even moreso contradictions to the society and life within Warhammer Fantasy's Empire and its grim-dark asthetics (e.g. death and conflict everywhere, inevitable damnation, social inequality). One of the tropes that I would really like to keep, however, is the cultural veneration of the dead and the sacrifices of heroes/martyrs (but not the Empire's borderline obsession with it) which could be exemplified by many temples, shrines and statues dedicated to the deceased. This way Azyrheim would retain some of the Empire's "memento mori" spirit without delving all too excessively into morbidity. Lastly, here's another idea for the Stormcast Eternals: SEs might even erect graves/memorials for their former lives as testament to their new focus, but to still remember and respect their mortal origins (i.e. as far as they have been able to unlock them).

    Economic hotspots might be market places (forums), large forges, administrative institutions and celestial harbors (with flying galleons that might be powered by rowing Eternals and/or arcane machinery). That's all I can think off right now, though...
    In line with antique ideals of holistic refinedness and the cultivation of one's body and mind/soul, there should be many public establishments in Azyrheim that can be freely utilized by its population, such as basilicae (baths), libraries, the 'gymnasion' (extremely diverse gym with interior and outdoor zones), theatres etc. And because this is still WARhammer there are also colliseums where the masses can watch various performances, particularly those of a martial kind (but not in a way that would necessarily glorifiy carnage, but prowess and skill instead).
    Furthermore, logistic needs could be taken off by arcane means, which should be a common thing in a magical city such as Azyrheim; e.g. dragons heating forges or saunas, elementals tempering water for different purposes.
    With a strong and rather communistic society, the way I imagine it, I find it hard to believe that every single person would live in a "home" of their own, but rather that there are some shared forms of housing, based on the individuals' tasks. I'm not quite sure what that would look like, however... any ideas? (hagen88: community dwellings)

    The "design" of its inhabitants I imagine as a mixture of many influences (e.g. typical WHF designs of old, some universal fantasy and/or high-fantasy tropes, possibly some clever references to 40k as well). To my mind, the general populace should be clad in a refined manner that automatically reminds of scholars, clerics and/or magicians, i.e. robes, cloaks, jewellery. Other races should still be strongly identifiable as themselves with the appropriate differences in design (e.g. dwarven emphasis on metal designs and armor even as civil clothing; or elvish focus on slimness, semi-organic attire and tons of jewelery).

    Lastly, which might be a bit of a controversial point, I also imagine there to be different kinds of paladin-esque warriors, created in and fighting for Azyr. The main concepts of the Stormcast Eternals feel quite nice to me, but so far they still lack a whole lot of variety to me.With regards to 40K, I would love there to be not only female SEs (ref. Sororitas) but also those types that specialize in magics (s. Psykers) and arcane machinery (s. Mechanicus).

    ... Whew, that was quite a lot to write down. Now it's your turn: What are your own ideas, theories and fan-fictions about Azyr, Azyrheim und everything inside it?

    Edit #1 (04.12.2015): some clarifications and slight additions, kudos to hagen88, please reread if you haven't already.
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