I thought I'd post a small reflexion, after half a year, about what AoS really is compared to former and even current assumption.

1) Myth 1: AoS is about toning WH down and making it more kid friendly

Status: absolutely false.
If anything, AoS was "toned up" and is completely kid unfriendly. AoS moved from a unit basis to a model basis regarding modelling. Given its prices, it is a game that is very unforgiven with young hobbyists. Example: back in 4th and beyond, a parent could buy its kid a box of 10 ugly, all alike orcs, which wasn't that expensive. The kid could ruin it while slowly learning to paint. We were all used to playing against ugly units and beatiful armies, in which each model would shine, were a thing of the expert few. The Varanguard, the expensive clam characters, even obvious AoS spirited units like Blightkings, were not made to be ruinable, but so that each model of an army would shine.

2)AoS was made to make a game too complex and expensive more accesible

Status: absolutely false

Back when AoS was released and everyone was making these absurd assumptions, a Facebook post of a GW veteran (Tuomas Pirinen I think) gave the right answer: GW is not moving to more accesibility, but to the "well to be", afluent, Apple consumers. People that without being millonaires, can expend € 100 in an evening just to accelerate their advancement in games like Clash of Clans, Dominations, etc. The movement to super heavy priced, high quality per model releases (Of which the Varanguard is now the paradigm), is the main purpose of AoS. Accesibility is secondary: rules are simply easy to understand on a basic level, but very complicated once you add warscrolls, battalions, campaigns and battletomes.

3) AoS is a simple skirmish game, which is meant to induct people to 40k and HH

Status: completely wrong

Once again: it is a more expensive and harder to paint universe as 40k. No introduction to anything.

What really is, is GW's vision Of an aesthetically driven, per model quality game, which is also priced under that logic: you used to spend 100 bucks on 20 miniatures which were mid quality and would take x time to be well painted. For the same price we ofrece you now 3 miniatures, heavily detailed and beatiful, which will also take x time to be fully paint but will look awesome.

Every other assumption about the nature of AoS is simple wrong.