I have recently come back to the hobby and I am quite interested in trying a campaign with my mates. However, we are a bit unsure on how to start. The GW campaign supplements seem only really good if you are playing with the armies they were designed for. We are a small group and do not have all of the relevant armies, plus some players would be inevitably excluded.

We would like to devise a simple system: map or extra rules, as in Planetary empires, should either be absent or extremely limited. Basically, we are interested in an effective way to chain together a series of standard missions and to somehow take into consideration the win or loss of a game by a player in the following game(s), without creating excessively complicated and unbalanced situations, possibly affecting the choice of the armies in the following games. Also, a sort of mission tree based on the win/loss of each player or faction would be important. We plan to play this in just 4 players (hopefully in a very basic 1v1 factions), but even an asymmetric situation like 3v2 or 2v1 would do.

As part of the above, I was thinking to a simple system of benefits ('tactical assets' vaguely inspired by those of Apocalypse, but on a much smaller scale) to select from spending some ad-hoc points (earned e.g. 3 for the winner, 1 for the loser): things like 'spend to reroll 1 dice in a game'; 'spend to resurrect a character on a 3+ (Yarrick-stile)', 'spend to deploy a small barrage bombardment', etc. But balancing and devising a set of these might not be so easy.

I could find nothing similar on the web. Do you have anything in mind? Any suggestion would be very welcome.