Posted a big list over in the 'positive thread' on general as an example of the kinds of things I'm thinking about in this game. Comp is roughly equal wounds (start at equal wounds, adjust one side up or down a bit if the sides seem a bit off), reserves count towards the wound total, and spells and abilities that bring new units to the table must be pulled from that reserves pile. Spells and abilities that add models to existing units pull from that unit's casualty pile, or from the reserves if the casualty pile is empty. Scenario would most likely be 'both sides pick sudden death objectives (probably 2 or 3 for a game this size), winner is the side that achieves more of their objectives, with ties going to largest kill count in wounds.

This is a large force, and would most likely be played against two or more smaller forces totaling up to 200ish wounds.

The Black Host of Nagash:

The Doomed Legion:
- Krell (commander)
- Wight King BSB
- Necromancer
- 20 Tomb Guard (hand weapons)
- 40 TK Skeleton Warriors (spears)

The Black Sacrament
- Arkhan the Black
- 2 morghast archai
- mortis engine w/ tome
- bone giant
- necrosphynx

The Wind of Death
- Liche Priest
- Casket of souls
- 1 Morghast Archai
- 20 Skeleton Archers

The Spectral Host (in reserve)
- 2 morghast harbingers
- 6 spirit hosts

100 models, 200 wounds total, including reserves. The army includes a mix of melee infantry, big monsters, and ranged/spellcasting support. The melee infantry form up with Krell, the BSB, and the necromancer into a single tough, prickly, defensive deathrattle block, with the wights screening/bubble wrapping the more fragile skeletons so that the latter have a chance to let loose with their large number of attackes, between horde boosts, vanhels from the necro or arkhan, and maybe krell's commander buff if he's not buffing the wights instead. The big monsters, 2 of the archai, and the mortis engine skulk around the edges of this formation, providing support and looking to swing out and engage enemy units once they're already locked in with the deathrattle block in order to keep enemy units from concentrating their attacks on the big stuff. The necrosphynx might be allowed to range on its own as a flanking threat due to its extreme speed and durability, so long as it stays within reach of Arkhan and the Necromancer for healing.

The liche priest, casket, and archers form a separate ranged support block along with one of the archai to deter smaller flanking units that might otherwise threaten them. The spirit hosts and harbingers are summoned wherever is most inconvenient for the enemy, with the harbingers hopefully getting a surprise charge the turn they're summoned thanks to their charge dice bonus. Summoning is either done by arkhan with his personal casting bonus plus that of the mortis engine and his pair of archai, or if needed to defend the ranged block summoning can be done by the liche priest, with aid of his own archai plus the casket. If the enemy brings a lot of spellcasting themselves, the liche priest might be deployed with the melee block instead in order to make sure he gets in range to use his 1/game dispel scroll.

The overall list is designed to convey an Undead Legions, Nagashii feel. On special occasions I can bust out the big guy himself, being an even wound swap for Arkhan and Krell, though the limited reserve pool and caster count kind of prevents Nagash from really taking advantage of his spellcasting abilities. More units might be shifted to reserve then (replace arkhan's pair of archai bodyguards with a second pair of reserved harbingers? Drop bone giant, cut skeletons down to 30, making room to either double the number of reserved spirit hosts or replace the spirit hosts with two blocks of 20 zombies? Honestly, I'm probably not going to run nagash so often that I would need to worry about it).

Thoughts overall? I don't know when I'm actually going to be able to run this, I still need to pick up the sphynx actually, but it seems like a list I could really sink my teeth into thematically, that might still be fun to play on the table. Comments or Suggestions are welcome.