I've been having fun speculating on possible new factions and subfactions for AoS lately, and it seems GW is going the route of dividing a lot of factions into specific chunks. The Khorne Bloodbound, Everchosen, Clan Pestilence, Rotbringers etc are all part of the Chaos main faction, yet seperate. They have their own synergies, units and fluff.

What I think is interesting is that most of these are hinted at in the Warscrolls we already have. And there are a lot we haven't seen any hints of.

Just scrolling through the Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings compendium, I found these:

  • Deathlord (Nagash)
    Soulblight (Vlad)
    Vampire (vamps)
    Malignent (Coven throne, various ethereals)
    Deadmage (necromancer, Liche Priest)
    Deadwalker (zombies)
    Deathrattle (skeletons, wights)
    Mordant (crypt Ghouls)
    Nighhaunt (spirit hosts)
    Flesh-Eater (Ghoul King)
    Mummy (Settra)
    Reanimant (Necropolis Knights)

That's a lot of under-categories for the Death allegiance. Several of these could be spun into their own faction, such as Deathrattle (skeletons, Wights, constructs) or Flesh-Eater (Ghouls).

I have no doubt there are more of these possibilities in other compendiums, I just haven't seen so thoroughly through them. Anyone else seen something interesting in their compendiums?