I was wondering if the unit champion is able to wield a special weapon. I read a couple of the warscrolls and I don't see why not. For example, the Liberators warscroll says 1 in every 5 models can be armed with a Grandhammer. It also says the leader of this unit makes 3 attacks rather than 2. So wouldn't it just be a good idea to put the better weapons on the leader? I've watched a bunch of battle reports, and I always see the special weapon on another regular model.

Similarly for the older WFB warscrolls, they say models in this unit may be X (musicians, banner bearers, etc.) It is plural, so that could mean you could have 30 Goblins all with banners, right? Does this also mean the leader of the unit could be both a musician and the banner bearer?

From a modeling perspective, I want both to be true. I want my leader to stand out by having a better weapon. I also never liked the look of musicians in the Fantasy games. I'd rather have one more model with weapons drawn. So I'm thinking of modeling my unit champions to be really special, so have a horn or drum slung on their back, but also carrying a banner. Anyway, what is your take? Is there an official ruling?