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Thread: HiveFleetCerberus's Tomb Kings/Undead Legions

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    HiveFleetCerberus's Tomb Kings/Undead Legions

    Hello, Warseer!

    Having recently joined Warseer, I thought that I would create a painting log to keep me motivated while painting my Tomb Kings.

    Here is what I have; I will update this semi-regularly:

    On Sprue

    1 Tomb King
    1 Liche Priest
    1 Necrotect

    50 Archers with 3 standards and 2 musicians
    50 Warriors with standard and musician
    16 Skeleton Horse Archers

    6 Chariots

    3 Necropolis Knights
    1 Necrosphinx/Warsphinx

    1 Custom Casket of Souls

    Here are some warriors with a standard:

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