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Or perhaps he was just role playing his army well? I don't think AoS was ever designed to be the 'test of wits' type of game and works a lot better when people are committed to role playing their forces rather than gouging for the win, spikes vs timmies I guess.
I'm sorry, but I just can't wrap my head around this. I'm not a tournament player. I'm not even a competitive player. I like to roleplay and invest time in developing characters and worlds. But AoS is a game between two armies. You and your opponent are trying to kill each other to achieve victory. The very nature of any game or competition should be to at least want to come out as the winner.

You don't have to be vicious and cutthroat, you don't have to be a rules lawyer or a cheesy player. But both people should at least be trying to win, at the very least to give meaning behind the supposedly narrative game where the mortal realms are under siege by the forces of Chaos. Shouldn't both people be roleplaying in order to achieve victory? You shouldn't pull punches, you shouldn't sabotage yourself.

If you're not trying to win, either for narrative or competitive reasons, it might as well be Age of Little League where everyone gets a trophy so no one feels bad.