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Thread: Beyond the Gates of Awsomesauce!!!... or maybe Antares...

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    Beyond the Gates of Awsomesauce!!!... or maybe Antares...

    Built the starter set and got my first tester game in, albeit it being very unevenly matched and very much a core mechanic lesson.

    Words are trifling... watch this face nurishment;

    This set is oozing awesome;

    on it's way to me in the post to supplement these armies are;

    Ghar Starter Army Set (45);
    -6 battle suits
    -3 assault suits
    -8 outcasts with leader and disprupter cannon scuttler
    -4 Flitter drones


    Concord C3 (40)
    -drop squad (5 man)
    -support team with X-launcher
    -medium plasma support drone.

    I'm so excited I could poo!
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