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    Re: Fantasy Inquisitor rules?

    ... what do you mean by "it's not real"? (For the record, I maintain that file account, so if the file's corrupted/missing/etc, I'm the one to talk to).


    That said... while I am a massive fan of the Inquisitor game, I wouldn't personally recommend using the ruleset for dungeon crawls*. Inquisitor is designed as a Player-vs-Player game, rather than the Players-vs-GM experience that most dungeon crawls fall into.

    Without going into minutiae, the system has detailed injury rules that apply aggressive penalties, a choice that assumes that each player has about 3 or 4 characters under their control. This means that characters can be tracked in detail so that their opponents feel like they're actually wearing them down (but they can also grit their teeth and fight on like the heroes and villains they are), but also opens up the option for a character to be generously penalised without effectively taking the player out of the game (as they have other characters too).

    In essence, probably overly detailed for chopping through hordes of goblins. It means a lot of bookkeeping for every character (even if they're unimportant) and the player characters will quickly be injured to the point of uselessness.

    My personal recommendation if you want a more detailed dungeon crawling system would be something designed with PvE combat in mind - the smart bet would be WH Fantasy Roleplay, although it's certainly not difficult to use D&D or related systems to represent the Old World.

    *To borrow an analogy from I forget whom, Inquisitor can be likened to a speedboat - great fun on a river, but won't drive very well around Silverstone race track.
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