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Thread: Zemlod's adventures in the Old World

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    Zemlod's adventures in the Old World

    Funny, how you sometimes take things for granted so you don't really notice them anymore -- until they're gone!

    For me it was that way with the Warhammer Olde World setting. Although the Warhammer setting has been one of the foundation blocks of my Fantasy experience, I never got round to playing a single game of Warhamer Fantasy Battles, just taking it for granted that -one day- I would find the time to do so. Until they just blew the whole place up!

    I did however spend countless hours playing the Fantasy Roleplaying game. So, over the years I have formed a rather strong opinion of what I imagine this setting to be about. As I already said elsewhere:

    I want my Fantasy to have puffy sleeves on unshaven Empire soliders, toothless Bretonnian serfs in ramshackle half-timbered hovels, gnome mechanics, halfling thiefs, flashy buckles on floppy leather hats and Fimirs in the swamps.
    In my book there's no place for the over the top, action figure, masters of the universe look of the age of sigmar. And I don't mean this figuratively. In this case there actually is a 'my book', and it's this one:

    You see, no Stormcasts here...

    Not having played Fantasy in the past, I'm less dogmatic about the rules system. Admittedly, I always liked the appeal of ranked troops, forests of pikes &c., but to be honest, the game that's most regularly played here atm is Song of Blades and Heroes, so I'm fine with a simplified skirmish mechanic. Maybe I'll even give the AoS rules a go sometime... I really do like the new round bases, I'll be using those here.

    Enough of the blather, you say, what'll this thread be about?

    Fair enough. Well, over the years I've picked up the odd Fantasy mini here and thereน, most of which I never painted. So this is the thread where I try to fix that. I've no particular order in mind, and this thread has to compete time-wise with my Lord of the Rings pile and my 40K Praetorians, so progress is probably going to be erratic. But the main point is

    We'll always have Altdorf!

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    น That's a blatant understatement! It's piles of them! Dwarfs, Empire, Beastmen, Chaos, a whole ******* Skull Pass, Bretonnians and what not...
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