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    Heroes of Armageddon - Liber Astartes

    +++ Transmission Received +++
    +++ Astropath Terminus Duct: Ardossa IX +++

    +++ /access +++
    +++ Restricted Access: Vermillion +++
    +++ Input Authorization +++
    +++ Authorization: Inquis.xenos/ID: 2655-V14 +++
    +++ Access Authorized: Query/Armageddon/Adpt.Astartes? +++
    +++ Loading/? +++

    Curbing the Beast
    This being a treatise on the presence and practices of the Adeptus Astartes, Armageddon Theatre.

    "Following the invasion of Armageddon by the forces of the Orkoid Warleader known as Ghazghkull Thraka, the esteemed masters of the Caprinaeus Covenant commisioned this report on the Adeptus Astartes known to be active during the Third War for Armageddon, with a particular interest in subjects who showed particular excellence in combating the barbaric Orkoid. I humbly submit my findings, along with the amended files of those selected for duty as Ordo Xenos operatives in subsequent campaigns."

    Obediently yours.
    Inquisitor Huron Yorst
    Nemesis Tessera

    +++ Access/FileAA337. +++

    Subject identified as Brother Jhugodei, Eagle Brotherhood.
    As all White Scars, Jhugodei hails from the primitive world of Mundus Planus (Scribe's note: Chogoris in the local Dialect), and was raised as a mounted warrior from early childhood. After being selected to join the White Scars, Jhugodei campaigned for nearly a century and a half, before his and three other Brotherhoods joined the Imperial war effort in the Deadlands. He was brought to my attention following the scouring of Armillias' drift, where the Eagle Brotherhood succesfully outmaneuvered the ZaggaGul Speedfreeks, and Jhugodei personally destroyed the Orkoid Chieftains transport with a Meltabomb, affixed to the underside of the massive vehicle while making a pass between the wheels of the speeding craft.

    Note Campaign-markings on left greave, signifying attachment to Battlegroup Eclipse
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