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    Re: Little Joe's projects united

    First test post, lets start with the things I did so far in 2016.

    Some of my hobby time is spend with a friends son and daughter showing them techniques to craft things. One of the items we made were stone golems. I do not like the Forgeworld idol and so we set out to build them from PUR foam and wooden picks to keep it all together. Toilet paper soaked in wood glue adds an outer shell that will make sure it does not break. This is mine.

    I want a miniature this big to tell a small story, why else build something that huge? So its left arm is fused into place to build a protective platform for a nightgoblin shaman. A second shaman is filling it with life. Conveniently this allows me to use some of the more unwieldy models in my collection.
    The right arm is supposed to be flowing with boulders moving to the end to crush enemies with the fist building up.

    Basing is a bit bland for my doing, but it has to fit the army.

    Yay, first post done.
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