So, a little bit of a throwback to 12 years ago, and an entering-middle-age guy had just got himself a portacabin in a little rural business park site, which meant he could finally start moving his hobby into proper terrain projects and dioramas and so on. This meant he could have space for things like this

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These shots were of a 40K scale Leviathan I'd built for my Royal Volpone Imperial Guard.

Other trinkets included a Throne Room for Horus' Battle-barge flying over Holy Terra...

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I had set these all up in my Portacabin, and ten started building a city for the Volpone to get stuck into a Bad Moonz Ork army, over.. cutting my teeth on terrain building ahead of building the fortress my Space Marine Chapter was going to be displayed in.

There was a minor snag in that a year or two in, home things happened, and I filled the portacabin with furniture and clutter whilst moving myself back in with the parents (That's fun when you're middle aged) and then fixing up a house to sell... whilst maintaining a 60 hour a week job. (Not much rennovation got done, which is why so much time passed!)