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    Miscellaneous Commercial Sculpts

    Greetings! This log will contain all non-evil dwarf related commercial sculpts of mine.

    First out, a few of the storage vessels etc. I'm sculpting for Zealot Miniatures to be cast for dungeon detail kits. They'll pick and choose suitable sculpts at their leisure. Night Goblin for scale. From left to right: Giant seashell plate with seeds, dirt or suchlike plus skull; pot; square glass flask; rope bundle; eel trap cage; ceramic plates pile; crude twig pot:

    Reference picture below, upon which most sculpts of this order will be roughly based. Blue stars are finished slots, red stars are not to be sculpted since they're already present in Zealot Miniatures' range:

    Comments and critiscism are as welcome as ever!

    1/4 of sculpts done:

    Roughly 1/3 of sculpts done, including oil lamps and law code stele based on Hammurabi's 4000 year old one (so no copyright issues there!):

    Various small stuff done, including scrying ball, ammonite, sharp crystal and a footless statuette based on Venus of Willendorf:

    About half of the clutter pieces are finished now, including an ornate cauldron based upon one panel of the Celtic silver importware Gundestrup cauldron unearthed in that land-that-ought-to-be-a-conquered-province, Denmark:

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