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    Little Joe's projects united

    The 9th Age (Warhammer Fantasy Battles)
    Names adapted to T9A since I will group this roughly in 3000 points warbands (about the size of Warhammer 6th edition).

    I started with Warhammer Fantasy Battles and love the way large armies look on the table. I have collected a lot and hope to have it all painted up one day. My first models were 2 5th edition Bretonnian Knights, my first army Dwarfs. Dwarfs and Orcs & Goblins are my most favorite forces.
    Then the End Times happened and that made me rather sad. Currently looking at The 9th Age. Personally I do not really care about the ruleset used, a reboot should hopefully make me mix rules a lot less.

    Orcs & Goblins

    35 Cave Goblins with BSB and Goblin King
    3x 35 Cave Goblin Spears
    4x 24 Cave Goblin Archers
    12 Mad Gits
    2x15 Gnasher Herds
    10 Gnasher Dashers
    Gnasher Wrecking Team
    Gnasher Wrecking Team
    2 Cave Goblin Chiefs
    4 Cave Goblin Chiefs
    2 Cave Goblin Chiefs on Cave Gnashers
    2 Cave Goblin Witch Doctors
    3 Cave Goblin Witch Doctors
    Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks
    2x 9 Forest Goblin Raiders
    10 Forest Goblin Raiders
    Gargantula with Web Launcher
    2 Forest Goblin Chief on Huntsmen Spider
    2 Forest Goblin Chief on Scuttler Spider
    Forest Goblin Witch Doctor on Scuttler Spider
    1 Skewerer
    7 Skewerers
    2 Greenhide Catapults
    2 Git Launchers
    3 Common Trolls
    6 Cave Trolls
    3 Bridge Trolls
    Great Green Idol

    *cropped list to give me more focus*

    Sylvan Elves (Wood Elves)

    Forest Prince on Dragon with lance and shield
    13 Sylvan Archers with a Druid
    13 Sylvan Archers with a Druid
    5 Heath Riders
    10 Dryads
    3 Kestrel Knights
    5 Pathfinders

    Undying Dynasties (Tomb Kings of Khemri)

    Death Cult Hierarch on Ark of Ages
    Casket of Phatep
    5 Skeleton Scouts
    12 Skeleton Chariots
    20 Necropolis Guard
    3 Shabtis
    Charnel Catapult
    Sand Scorpion
    Sand Scorpion

    Vampire Covenant (Vampire Counts)

    Strigoi Count
    24 Ghouls with a Strigoi Courtier
    24 Ghouls with a Strigoi Courtier
    4 Bat Swarms
    10 Dire Wolves
    Cadaver Wagon

    21/55 zombies
    10 Great Bats
    Shrieking Horror

    *cropped list to give me more focus*

    Dwarven Holds (Dwarfs)
    Highborn Elves (High Elves)
    Kingdom of Equitaine (Bretonnia)
    The Vermin Swarm (Skaven)
    Warriors of the Dark Gods (Warriors of Chaos)
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