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Nice work on the nativity scene; will you make a stable for them?

It's awesome you have a had a great hobby year; it is almost over and you still seem fresh!
They will be used with my grandfathers hand made stable by my brother and his girlfriend. Been in storage for over 20 years, so about time it gets used again. It's huge and will dwarf the figures, they will look like proper miniatures.

I am exhausted from 2020, in a good way and many reasons. The hobby added a fair bit as well. Never before have I done so many different things ans still I keep finding more techniques/technologies/hobby tasks to do and explore. Learning digital design (huge jumps in what normal people could do this year with Blender), making things for video games, playing tabletop digitally on UB2 and TTS, painting and finishing big models, feeling excited, helping a T9A army design team work with agile methods (takes a few hours a day since March now), learning and seeing how professional volunteers can create amazing open source content. Seriously, 2020 hobby wise has been amazing for me so far.