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    Re: Little Joe's projects united

    I painted a converted Dread Sphinx made by TMS. The miniature fits together well, not a fan of resin, but I can work with it. For a miniature this size ,it's huge, that is probably the best choice. It sure helped holding it. It was painted in only 2 sub assemblies and it was a real joy to work on.

    So what did I convert? The armor on the tail was added by me, I added bits of cloth above the belt, added more hair, improved some lines, removed chains and filled quite a few bubbles in the wings you could only see when shining a light through. This was a safety precaution.
    It also got a new weapon since I am not a fan of Manga style oversized weapons. Never saw resin cast as thin yet very stable as the original weapon, it was really thin and well cast. Mine is way thicker, I tried to keep it in style with miniatures I have and the dread sphinx's armor (gems).

    And I clipped an inch from one wing to line them up better. It makes the wing look less heroically held up high from the front, not sure if you can stretch a wing. As a player I mostly see the back and I wanted the armor to align. This sound like a lot of work, but it was very easy and fast to do. Probably the easiest of the bigger conversions.

    The segmented armor on the tail was added because I found the tail to be looking too long, this way I have more different textures as well. By removing the chains from the cloth I gained surface for painted symbols and it was the lazy way to not have to continue them at the belt.
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