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Dang, those are some nice, classic-looking gobbos. And the mesopotamian skellies are really original and I really like the fish things. At first I thought they were inspired by those fake cryptid things, the Fiji mermaid and such.

And I'm quite impressed by your ghoulish horde. I've always thought that the plastic ghouls looked dopey, but your painting made them quite intimidating, well done.

Your wood elves are simply lovely. Particularly the mage, which I always loved, your antler thing on it made it even greater. Also nice dragon.

Speaking of drakes, the wyvern has a great bird of prey pose, that's really awesome.

Lastly, love the terrain and the early hillbilly greenskins.

Life has been busy this year, still working on the Vermin Swarm supplement for T9A, now in alpha, so if that is of interest, give us your feedback!

This year I ventured out into the world of digital design with a few friends and we hope to meet many more people on this journey that want to help make things happen. Don't be shy and get in touch if this is of interest to you.

Last month we released the FREE community sculpt: the T9A mascot Klepa and Fleabag:

This sculpt came to be with a joined community effort and used artwork provided by the The Ninth Age project. A great way to take and give, the files are free, so give them a try!

This month we published the first miniatures on our Flea Market MyMiniFactory shop.

This was a great learning experience, both in how to work as a team and some other potential pipelines you can go with digital assets. We are looking into making them playable in digital games and more! Just the team work alone has been amazing and pushes me so much harder to learn and try new things.
Flea Market is what the name suggests a loose collective of like minded people making everything we can think of. Some free, some to pay for the shop and hopefully one day concept art and stuff we want to buy/do to get even more projects turned into reality.

So sorry for the silence, 2021 so far has been a very busy and fun year for me.