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Thread: Orc team conversion build

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    Orc team conversion build

    So long time thinker and video game version player I'm after an orc team, conversions aplenty so looking at a 40k ork boyz box.
    Thing is how many are in there? Official GW site says 11, other 3rd party sites say 10, can anyone clear this up for me as limited funds but plenty of time right now!
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    Re: Orc team conversion build

    Hi, a bit late on the answer but anyway.

    Here is a rewiew for the box.

    Seems that there is parts for 10 normal boys and 1 nob (good start for a blackorc) but only 10 bases. The review is 5 years old so they might have added that base in the time since.

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    Re: Orc team conversion build

    They have not added the extra base. But, you should have extra bases if you play 40K.
    Crucifiers (SM codex) (11881/693 PL)
    Orks (3745/255 PL)
    Astra Militarum (8049/458 PL)
    Fallen Crucifiers (CSM codex) (####/354 PL)
    Death Guard (2232/123 PL)
    Primaris Marines (1699/80 PL)

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