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Thread: 101st Crusade Fleet/Fleet of Dark Compliance 30k Plog

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    101st Crusade Fleet/Fleet of Dark Compliance 30k Plog

    I wanted to consolidate all my projects into a single thread now that my interest in Games Workshop resides pretty much solely in the Horus Heresy. Herein I will post all of the photos of my completed models and new units as I work on them. Maybe I'll throw in some fluff as well as we go along.

    The armies that I have already started to collect or finished collecting or intend on purchasing at some point are as follows:

    Iron Warriors 13th Grand Company: In Progress
    The Primarch Perturabo
    BaC Contemptor
    Veteran Squad with Heavy Flamers
    2x Basilisks
    Primaris Lightning
    Tyrant Siege Terminators

    In Progress:
    15 Siege Breakers
    30 BaC Tactical Marines
    2x Medics
    Primus Medicae
    Siege Breaker
    10 Cataphractii

    Shâr Ondar Legio Cybernetica: Complete
    Archmagos Dominus
    2x Magos Dominus
    4 Castellax
    20 Adsecaris
    6 Thallax

    Ghara Ādēśa Hatyārā - Questoris Knight Household: Complete
    Seneschal Knight-Atrapos "Kālikā", Pilot Razia Sultana
    Scion Knight-Lancer "Tīvra Gati", Pilot Rani Jhansi

    Army Shot of the Legio Cybernetica and Knight House from 2016 LVO 30k event:

    34th Olympian Hypaists Imperialis Militia: Conceptual
    -thinking about converted Napoleonics for this-
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