I am in the process of making a 5000 point undead army based around two old familiar Warhammer characters: Heinrich Kemmler the Lichemaster and Krell lord of the undead.

The army wonít be tweaked for good winning chances, in a tourney type of environment this army will probably end highest on the list, if you weíre to hold the list upside down that is.

Iíll be converting and painting this army with a different view in mind. A stoic, almost floating army of the unliving approaching, deadly (well sort of) and silent. None of that decadent vampire stuff or corpse cart gore. Not that I donít like that, but I want to try something different.

I have lots of Battle Masters miniatures, and from these miniatures I will turn the Chaos Warriors into Grave Guard (with halberds and shields, not allowed in the list but hey, thatís what the miniís have) and the Chaos Knights into Black Knights. As core choice, I will use only Skeleton Warriors. I will use some unitfillers in the form of gravestones.

The idea behind it is these will all be the defenders of a tomb of a once mighty king. Buried in the tomb with their king, in undead they stood vigilant for all those centuries. Now, Heinrich Kemmler has found the tomb. There, hidden in a long forgotten graveyard in a far corner of the northern Worldedge Mountains, the army just got recruted. The guardians of old, now bound by the will of the Lichemasterís dark magic, form a new army for the lichemaster.

The army wonít have any of the really killy stuff, like vampires or vargheist or anything like that.

Here are few shots of the beginning of the project.

the Chaos Warriors to be used as Grave Guard

The Chaos Knights to be used as Black Knights

I will put the army on snow bases, wonít be totally white, as I want the army to appear to be in the twillight, maybe early dusk. So Iíll try to make convincing snowbases that are off white. The black knights have etheral horses, I wil paint the snowcolor on the underside of the horses to get an ethereal effect.