I was going in a different direction with bolters. The idea is if you need to with a bolt gun you can pretty much empty the clip, and therefore a bolter still gets 2 dice. However they also have the chance to jam, even when its the Marine players turn.

This then frees me to have lasguns and autoguns with 1 dice. I would probably not let them jam as often (just ow as normal) due to smaller ammo and therefore higher capacity clips etc. This makes them stronger than in previous games, but the blips won't be so loaded with 4th gen psykers toting conversion beamers etc.

As I understood it there is no hard to kill with CC, it's covered by the modifiers. Again, might need some balancing.

And yes - I totally agree that the simplicity was a great strength of the game. The more they added the clunkier it got, so I'm trying to find that happy medium.