Hi there! Well, Besides personal projects that not lead anywhere (and explain my lack of updates in ALL my threads...) I have been painting the models of the Robotech KS for a friend (Keyansark...Does he has a profile in warseer? I donīt know). Let us begin with 3 Zentraedi pods and a Roiquonmi Glaug Battle Pod

* Pods: The colours scheme and style was determinated by my friend, because he already painted 3 pods but he didnīt look able to paint so many white and decals. I opted for black instead of grey and blue, to achieve more contrast.

The Decals

Comparative with a previous painted model. Now I see that forgot a decal in the front. Well, I have to pain more pods, so I will put them later

* Roiquonmi Glaug Battle Pod: Again, not a very elaborate style, just the light effect in the weapons