Hello fellow RPers and DMs of the Old World,

I have recently been compiling a small portfolio of atmospheric Warhammer Fantasy art as a visual introduction for roleplay-initiates to its grimdark world.

While doing so I rediscovered a beautiful picture of the Empire's sewer watch, possibly from the 6th edition of Fantasy Battle or 2nd edition of the RPG. http://imgur.com/vWYWgR7
Just look at those raggedy mercenaries with their mishmash armor and those grotesque hounds (their faces are like a piece of medieval art)!

Unfortunately, this picture of rather low quality, as you can see. Could someone of you help me with a high(er)-res version? I've already looked through all my books but couldn't find it anywhere (except a cut corner-piece in "Children of the Horned Rat" which doesn't do, at all).

Your help would be much appreciated!

PS: I will start another thread with some artwork from the WHFB expansion "Conquest of the New World" which I have never seen online before. So please take a look and share!