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Thread: 'Conquest of the New World' Artwork & Discussion

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    'Conquest of the New World' Artwork & Discussion

    Hello fellow denizens of the Old World and places beyond,

    I have recently been compiling a small portfolio of atmospheric Warhammer Fantasy art as a visual introduction for roleplay-initiates to its grimdark world.
    For this purpose I skimmed through my WH books and was very surprised when I rediscovered the beautiful art works within the WHFB expansion "Conquest of the New World." I've never seen these beautiful pieces online so here they are to share with you.

    The first one gives us possibly the only true grimdark depiction of a Warhammer conquistador (from Estalia even?) with his entourage of mercenaries and scribes - as well as a hidden lizard...). The second one has a really cool dwarf with a (Lustrian?) treasure chest on his back.

    Question 1 (conc. Pic#1): Does anybody have an idea what's up with the strange naked figure that is chained to the conquistador and adorned with religious artifacts? Might it be a new-world slave or some kind of crazed fanatic? What are the writings on its back - is it a map?

    Question 2 (conc. Pic#2): In the background there's some kind of creature that appears to be stretching its head/neck out from behind some kind of obstacle (rock, grass). Do you have any idea what that thing is supposed to be?

    How do YOU like those pieces? Feel free to share your thoughts
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