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Thread: 'Skeletal Automata of the Empire' (?)

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    'Skeletal Automata of the Empire' (?)

    People of the Old World, denizens of the Empire,

    I have recently been compiling a small portfolio of atmospheric Warhammer Fantasy art as a visual introduction for roleplay-initiates to its grimdark world. While doing so, there were two pieces in particular that attracted my attention.

    The first is known as 'Emperor Boris' extravagant tomb barque arrives in Marienburg'
    and the second is called 'The opening of the recruiting station at Stichenfloch, offering 'The Soldier's Schilling'

    In both scenarios we can see several skeletons that perform a number of varying actions, some partly integrated into structures (barque, gate), some even flying through the air freely. The cue is that they seem to be acting (at least to a certain extent) autonomously (therefore 'skeletal automata').

    Now I ask you, how might that be possible? Is this some case of "advanced" technology (technomancy?), a form of necromancy, or something in between?
    Can this even be explained by the WH background or might these moving and performing skeletons be considered 'artistic freedom' of a fictional painter?

    Do you know of any lore or fluff pieces that write about such phenomena as depicted here? The only thing that comes to my mind right now are depictions of empire technici with mechanic owls and scarabs (8.ed. Empire AB) as well as the 'Mechanical Menagerie of Leon Brachwurster' (7.ed. Rule Book), though all of these are decidely more steampunkish looking.

    Please, share your thoughts with me. All and any ideas are much appreciated!
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