Hi all! Wasn't quite sure where to post this, but this seemed like an appropriate place.

So, myself and a few friends started up a small (very) rulebook group. A couple of years back we released a few that enjoyed some moderate success - for us it was just exciting to have people playing our games. After time off for various reasons; work, babies etc, we have decided to get back to it and will shortly be rebooting the website and blog etc. I have been working on and off on a little project for a few years now and I feel it is getting close to the point where I want to produce the set as a pdf.

So, here is a bit of a synopsis of the game - even if Pirates are not your thing, it can still be played with fantasy/mordheim minis etc. I realise this could strictly be considered 'historical' but there are fantasy elements to the game, so figured it would be fine to post here.

'Ahoy and welcome to Cutthroats & Corsairs, a miniatures game that puts you in charge of your own crew as you either embrace the way of the pirate by looting, stealing and plundering or attempt to maintain order and shut down piracy with your colonial forces.

Unlike many other miniatures games, Cutthroats & Corsairs requires you to have relatively few models per side, offering an inexpensive entry point and making each miniature that you have put the time and effort into painting, a key player in your crew. Forays can consist of as little as 3 miniatures per side and anywhere up to around 7 per crew provides a game that should last hour or two.

The game centres itself around the so called ‘Golden Age’ of piracy. The rules are designed to give a cinematic playing experience and borrows as much from swashbuckling adventure films as documented history. As a game system, it therefore may not satisfy those who are looking for a gritty, historical representation of this period, but for those of us who enjoy feats of derring-do and fast paced action, Cutthroats & Corsairs offers plenty of both.

Games are ‘land based’ – whether this be fighting it out on a barren island, brawling between the bustling shanties of Nassau, or launching an assault on the city Maracaibo. Although ships can be used as terrain features, rules for using them in game are not included – although rules for cannons are!

Cutthroats & Corsairs is designed to be played with two crews of pirates, privateers or colonial forces (marines etc.) but we have also appended rules for using fantasy crews such as orcs and elves in your battles. Also included in the appendices are rules to use Blackbeard, Anne Bonny and several other pirates of infamy; there are even rules to play with a certain white hooded assassin.

Games can be played as ‘one off’ events or can be linked through the campaign system. This method of play allows your characters to gain experience, new skills and new weapons as well as the possibility of injury and death – all whilst your captain tries to stave off mutiny and dissension in the ranks.'

Hope you enjoyed the sales pitch http://images.proboards.com/v5/smiley/cool.png . As the title suggests, I'm looking for a group of folk who would be happy to read through and try out the rules with a mate, or gaming group. I've had a great laugh playing it with my friends but I'd love to get some different perspectives. So by saying yes, you would:

- Be willing to play at least 2 games and give feedback - looking especially at balance and flow
- Have your name in the credits

Simple ey? If you would like to nail your colours to the mast and join up, let me know!