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My issue with the gothic is that it only real shines once shields have been knocked down, and with the tyrant being a poor mans dominator i cant see a ship ( or ships ) which i would pair it with.

Interesting to hear on the defiance. May i ask what you found weak about it?
In my fleet I rarely make squadrons. So I can keep the Gothic acting on its own. With the Retribution doing the big gunnery (get that right shift upgrade) the Gothic is there to finish the job. And the Gothic, even braced, still manages three lances in a broadside.
I do run a Lunar as well. And Gladii bolster my fleet with more weapon batteries.

The Defiant is poo, imo, because it is so easily suppressed. They need to provide that AC cover but with 1 shield and 6 hits it is either quick on brace or if not braced to fast crippled. They are just not competent. A pity because I do like the concept. It is a ship that fares cool in a small skirmish style of BFG with only 1 capital ship and a couple of escorts engaging.