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    Re: Gav Thorpe Author Notes (AoS)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cybtroll View Post
    I think that what Gave says here emphatizies exactly what's the problem with AoS:
    "If Warhammer was about anything (and if 40K has a central theme), it was about the struggle against Chaos representing our own fears and least desirable aspects destroying us from within. If Age of Sigmar represents anything, it is of our best traits straining to rise above our worst, the indomitable spirit to overcome (rather than stubborn refusal of the inevitable). Hope, not hopelessness"

    AoS is GW attempt to create a PG-13 IP.
    Reminds me of the way WWE has its "Rise Above Hate" John Cena nonsense, while continuing to have everyone pretend to beat each other up in a wrestling ring.

    The grumpy Generation-X are no longer the market for anything, with their WWF Attitude, WHFB and Nu-Metal (Generation-Y were transitional). Today is all about millennials, who have been programmed to show a happy/positive front - even if they spend their "secret" time cyber-bullying all-and-sundry. In short, youth culture seems "nicer" and more positive now - which I guess is a good thing - but there's a certain insincerity about it.

    "When did mediocrity and banality become a good image for your children?" - Bill Hicks
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    "... it no longer matters whether our dwarves clear out the small infestation of goblins in the neighbouring tunnel, or whether our scheming Bretonnian baron wins the heart of the neighbouring lord's daughter and gets his land, because a billion daemons have just charged through destroying everything and killing them all ..." - Athelassan

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