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I would argue that both are High Fantasy, and that WHFB was never low fantasy. Dark fantasy (at times) but that is not the same as low fantasy. GoT is low fantasy. Aos, OTOH, is High Fantasy turned up to 11.

Agreed, WHF was never "low fantasy" and of all the very good reasons to not like AoS that false transition is not one of them.

Warhammer had fantastical beast riding knights, wizards that could cast apocalyptic spells, gods incarnate, real divine responses to prayers and appeals...for goodness sake The Foot of Gork spell has the literal foot of Gork come down from the heavens to stamp his warriors enemies.

Lord of the Rings, the proverbial poster child of high fantasy is lower fantasy by comparison.

True low fantasy is something like The Song of Ice and Fire series where things like magic and mythical beasts are a factor but neither central to the plot or inherently widespread.

The Empire, in comparison to Westeros, is fantastically vast in scale, swarming with beastmen, monsters, greenskins and the undead. Wizards of incredible power are everywhere, Priests can literally call on Sigmar for help, its armies have divisions of cavalry that ride on monsters, not horses etc.