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    Minis all over the place,.

    Alrighty then! I decided to start this plog to celebrate my return to the hobby after years away. I used to be singularily focused on the armies I played (Lizardmen and Marines) but after coming back this hasn't been the case, and I have several projects underway, and they are:

    2 Tactical squads done.
    2 Rhinos done.
    1 Dreadnought done.
    1 Terminator squad done.
    Terminator Librarian done.
    Command squad half done.
    1 Scout Squad done.
    1 Scout Squad half done.
    1 Predator done.
    1 Assault Squad done (EM4)
    Sicaran done.
    1 Techmarine done.
    Land Speeder done.
    Lizard Cavalry squad done (count as bikes).

    WFB Goblin army
    General done.
    2 Units fixed and have their bases magnetized
    1 Magnetic movement tray sort of done

    Karnac's Raiders/Preslotta Lizardmen
    1 Warrior, "Gho", done.

    Frostgrave Warband Indefinately on hold, subsumed by the orientals.
    Wizard done (might redo)
    Apprentice done (might redo)
    Warhound done.
    Werewolf for bestiary done.

    Necromunda Gang
    1 Ganger done

    Jade Lotus Clan
    Several figs acquired.
    4 Shugenja done.
    7 Ninjas done.
    1 Monk done.
    1 Peasant done.
    2 Samurai done.
    1 Yakuza done.
    1 Oni done.

    Dogs of War
    Cursed Company:
    Musician done.
    3 troopers done.
    Banshee done.

    Ricco's Republican Guard:
    Command done.
    9 troopers done.

    Big Hats
    2 Champions done
    6 Axemen done
    1 Deathrocket with crew done
    1 Hobgoblin Bolt thrower with crew done

    I'm no Picasso mind you, and I've never sculpted so this won't be quite as fancy as some of the other plogs around here. To start off, here's my workspace (Aka, my living room table. Also where we usually play.):

    Any and all comments and questions and constructive criticisms are welcomed!
    And yes, I noticed that extra comma in the title, but apparently I can't edit it. Oh well.
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