With da hummies getting all of dez shiny new tanks, wez also neez some of our own

So, found this OOP FW battlefortress on a well known site. Its missing some bits, but i think ill manage anyhow.....
This will be an on of thread as ill be working very sporadicaly on this beast.

Started to build one of the tracksides and came across two issues. Number 1, i will need to boil the trackbits to make them fit. no problems there.
Number 2, if i mount the tracks as the instructions say, they end up in the wrong direction IMO.

Here the tracks are mounted "the right way".

So now i need your help, fellow warseers. What should i do ?
Monut the tracks the right way" or as per the instructions ?

I would really like to hear your view on this. please.