So, the Great Purge has finally begun. I think most of us had been expecting this for a while now, whether you liked AoS or not, but it's still a bit sad to see so many fantastic(and, admittedly, a few not so brilliant) models being dropped forever by GW. A lot of the Empire characters that are vanishing are ones I can remember drooling over back in the days where they were made of metal and I had to carefully choose which to spend my pocket money on, and even if the Bretonnian peasant plastic kits were really showing the age of their moulds, they remain some of the most characterful miniatures GW have ever made and formed the basis of many fantastic conversions.

That this is finally happening has spurred me to starting this post, which will by no means be completed when first published, I intend to keep adding to it over time, and suggestions in the comments are welcomed.

There are already a few "alternative models"-style blogposts and forum threads out there, for WHFB and Mordheim, and they can be great resources, but all the ones I've found tend to be quite all-encompassing, by which I mean they tend to include any model that could potentially be used for the game, whereas I am primarily concerned with finding models that fit the setting, ie they look like they belong in Mordheim/Warhammer's aesthetic. And that is what this list is intended as - as AoS proceeds we will doubtless lose more of the models that fit within Fantasy's traditional aesthetic in favour of the more bombastic modern style, so I intend to catalogue all the miniatures I can find which fit my own obviously subjective criteria for a "proper" Warhammer/Mordheim model. The list will be divided by faction and any visually-distinctive subfaction(models which require additional conversion work to meet the standard will be noted as such). It will eventually include every currently-sold model from whatever source(including GW/FW) that I can find which fits aforementioned subjective criteria. Obviously given the purging will likely continue, I would recommend you pick up any GW models on this list that haven't been repackaged for AoS sooner rather than later.

You can find the full list with pictures here.