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Thread: Vlad78's Imperial Fists 5th company and supports

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    Vlad78's Imperial Fists 5th company and supports


    1 - Some background
    It's been years since I came back to 40k, I returned in 2004 to be precise. While the 3rd edition made me stop by killing in its time all the fluff for the orks, my army back then, the 4th brought me back with SPACE MARINES!!

    2 - Why Imperial Fists?
    The 4th edition SM codex mixed a gothic aesthetic and background with futur technology and it seduced me.
    I hesitated with blood angels because the red angels had attracted me since RT but in 2004, they still had a fluff light codex and I really hated most of the things done under 3rd.
    And in regard to what they have become of late (What, you can make a list without entirely red tac marines? HERESY!!) I do not regret it.

    So Codex SM it should be. I liked Rogal Dorn's background, the steadfast Emperor's champion, driven almost mad by his failure to protect his genetic father on the vengeful spirit from Horus's betrayal. Only through self discipline and the will to protect his father's legacy could he seek redemption.

    I liked the idea of unbreakable space marines, refusing to give ground no matter the cost, an anvil upon which ennemies of mankind would be crushed.

    And last but not least, a yellow space marines army is quite a sight to behold on the battlefield. (and thank you to all with IF projects, you really inspired me)

    3 - Nature of the project:
    What I 'm willing to do from now on, is to share all the progress in the making of my army.

    Most of the models you will see were built converted by myself, I did paint some of them but also I had a good part of the collection painted by someone else. (a really nice guy in Bordeaux (France))

    And eventually, there are some miniatures I found on ebay.

    Therefore, this thread is both a project and a showcase for my collection of miniatures.

    4 - General direction of the thread
    Here's the goal I strive to achieve :

    1 - Build a full 5th company
    2 - Build a full first company
    3 - Build a part of the 6th and all supports available in the armoury of the chapter and most of the apocalypse formations.

    5 - And a little teaser:

    I do not promise to update often, but I promise to keep posting as long as I can.
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    IF 5th company :
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