So Iíve recently come into an interesting opportunity. A guy at my local gaming store is offering his Necron army, roughly 2000pts of it, for about $250, with the Codex and the datacards included as well. Iím torn about this good opportunity which looks like a massive discount for what models he has, and starting a new army in 40k. I also always wanted a xenos army as a third force alongside my Loyalists and Chaos. So I'm looking for advice on Necrons.

From what I remember he has:

A bunch of Necron HQ models
A solid mass of Warriors and Immortals
5 Praetorians
5 Lychguard
2 Annihilation Barges
2 Necron Flyers
1 C'tan Shard
2 Wraiths
1 Monolith
1 Triarch Stalker
Some Tomb Blades
Plus various other misc models and Scarabs.

All of the above is mostly unpainted.

My question is simple, is it worth it to start Necrons? I like the models and the playstyle, but Iím not entirely certain if itís for me, since I already have two Marine armies. Iím also on the fence on the newer lore about them. I actually like the whole ''Newcron'' lore, but many other people really don't.