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Thread: The Old World. What if it wasn't actually gone?

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    Re: The Old World. What if it wasn't actually gone?

    Because SoC has been retconed, and quite frankly, it was pants. I much prefer ET to SoC, what was supposed to happen did happen in ET, while SoC only made all the forboddings about Chaos winning, Archaon being the last of the Everchosen and so on a sorry joke.
    I'm pretty fine with the status quo being broken anyway, I see no problem with things moving, I just want a familiar setting to set my battles in, and was wondering if I could find an alternative to "I'll just ignore it all". There's really no problem with a few cities gone or Nagash back that I can think of.

    Quote Originally Posted by Col. Tartleton View Post
    Could places like Anvrok, Denvrok, and Kantrok in the realm of Metal be slabs of the crust? While the core Mallus was set in the Realm of Heaven?
    No idea, I really don't know anything about the AoS background to be honest.
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