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Because SoC has been retconed, and quite frankly, it was pants. I much prefer ET to SoC, what was supposed to happen did happen in ET, while SoC only made all the forboddings about Chaos winning, Archaon being the last of the Everchosen and so on a sorry joke.
SoC was great. I loved the fact that the players threw the prepared script in GW's face, and the desperate writing of Gav Thorpe as they tried to take control of the setting again was at times hilarious :P. I have no problem with Archaon being headbutted into the ground by Grimgor at the end. By that time he should have lost the favour of the gods already. All the everchosen have believed themselves to be the last so what is wrong with old archy being wrong as well?

The stories that emerged in the aftermath set a lovely tone also. Chaos remnants being pushed back into Kislev and the wastes in the "war of the north", successor struggles in Averland, the secession of Sylvania under Mannfred, and trouble in the Border Princes, not to mention the fact that Malekith tries to trick the Phoenix Throne into wasting its strength fighting in Naggaroth.

The SoC turned the clock back from midnight and dialed the epicness down a few notches, which in my eyes was a good thing. It also opened the world up for more potential interesting plot-lines than "Chaos invades oh noooes". The year 2525 post the SoC is my preferred setting for warhammer battles and campaigns by far.